28-Day Planking Challenge!

“Core strength” is more than a fitness term which usually reminds us that we need to do more sit-ups. In fact, this term refers to the strength of the muscle groups in the glutes, back and abdomen. These three muscle groups are critical for spine support and for maintaining the balance. In case your work requires prolonged sitting, strengthening these muscles is very important. It can support your spine, and prevent pain which is caused by poor posture.

Exercising the core may seem boring since all you do is sitting up and laying back down again. However, exercising the core is much more than working on the abdominal muscles. It also engages the back muscles and the glutes, and offers spine support. This is particularly important for heavy people and those who put strain on their back on a regular basis. As luck would have it, there is a much more mentally stimulating and physically engaging exercise than the sit-ups.

Planks Are Helpful Because of This

Planks are crucial when it comes to exercising the core. Dr. Jinger Gottschall, who is a professor at Penn State University, says that the stability of core muscles is maintained by planks, and it supports proper posture by proper alignment of the spine and maintaining an erect position.

The health benefits of planks go beyond toning the abs. Namely, they increase flexibility, improve the mood, and reduce back pain. Several muscle groups are simultaneously engaged while performing planks, so it can be challenging at first. Fortunately, this 28-days challenge is going to help you with your core work and you will have flat stomach and improved posture in no time.

If You Are not Able to Do a Plank, Try This

The following video shows how to use modified training steps and learn how to engage the core muscles firstly. This is going to help you work your way up to performing a full plank.


The 28 Day Challenge

This challenge increases the time of holding the plank position gradually. The end goal is to succeed holding the plank position for 4 minutes.

The most important thing is that you must do the plank correctly.


1st Day-20 seconds

2nd Day-20 seconds

3rd Day- 30 seconds

4th Day- 30 seconds

5th Day- 40 seconds

6th Day-rest

7th Day- 45 seconds

8th Day- 45 seconds

9th Day- 60 seconds

10th Day- 60 seconds

11th Day- 60 seconds

12th Day- 90 seconds

13th Day-rest

14th Day- 90 seconds

15th Day- 90 seconds

16th Day-120 seconds

18th Day- 150 seconds

19th day-rest

20th Day-150 seconds

21st Day- 150 seconds

22nd Day- 180 seconds

23rd Day- 180 seconds

24th Day- 210 seconds

25th Day-rest

26th Day- 210 seconds

27th Day- 240 seconds

28th Day- hold as long as you can

Source: wisemindhealthybody.com