This Wonderful Bath Will Clean Your Body Of Toxins And Cure A Host Of Ailments

Detox baths are a great way of cleaning your body of toxins and improving your overall health. In general, these baths are prepared either with Epsom or Himalayan salt which are powerful detoxifiers that are great for our health.

Although each salt works great on their own, they’re even better when combined. The combination of Epsom and Himalayan salt can treat a variety of health problems and completely detox your body of toxins, chemicals and harmful compounds as well.

Epsom salt

Epsom salt consists of magnesium sulfate and is generally used as treatment for a variety of medical conditions including eclampsia, low magnesium levels of muscle cramps. When you soak in a bath with Epsom salt, the sulfate and other minerals in it can destroy toxins on contact, and also increase the levels of magnesium in the body. According to studies, soaking in an Epsom salt bath may be the best way to increase your magnesium levels, so keep this in mind if you’re suffering from magnesium deficiency.

Himalayan salt

As the name suggests, the Himalayan salt comes from the Himalayan mountains in Nepal and is among the purest types of salt in the world. It contains more than 80 trace minerals which are highly important for our health and is a powerful detoxifier as well. Himalayan salt lamps and inhalers are frequently used as a powerful detox method against a variety of health problems.

Soaking in an Epsom and Himalayan salt bath will boost your circulation and mineral levels and promote better elimination of toxins through sweat and urine. The mixture will also regulate your pH levels and relieve a variety of skin and pre-menstrual problems. Epsom salt baths are pretty effective against sunburns and can also relieve inflammatory conditions such as arthritis or gout. Soaking yourself in a Himalayan and Epsom salt bath can improve your sleep, clean your body of toxins and heavy metals and supply it with essential minerals as well.

According to Dr. David Jockers, the amount of salt used in the bath depends on your weight. Children under 60 lbs. need ½ a cup of each type of salt. People weighing 60-100 lbs. need a full cup, those weighing 100-150 lbs. need 1 ½ cup, while those over 150 need 2 cups. The amount goes up for ½ a cup for every extra 50 lbs. If you’re a beginner in detox baths, we strongly suggest starting with Epsom salt baths in the beginning, then adding Himalayan salt later.

Although the bath is pretty safe to use for everyone, it should be avoided if you have open wounds, a serious case of burns or if you’re suffering from cardiovascular problems. We suggest consulting with your doctor first as the salts can interfere with the action of some medications.

The first thing you need to do is give your tub a nice clean – it should be spotless before you start the process. Next, pour hot water in it and add the recommended amount of salt in your case. Never add shampoos, essential oils or any other liquids in the same bath. Have a light dinner before entering the bath as a heavy meal may make you feel dizzy while the salts do their magic. For best results, experts say that you should be properly hydrated before the bath and drink a bottle of water during the process.

Stay in the bath for a maximum of 40 minutes – this will give the salts enough time to eliminate the toxins in your body. If you’re feeling dizzy, don’t worry – it’s a sign that the bath is working. Repeat the process 2-3 times a week to remove any kind of toxin from your body and keep your health in check.