Pressing This Belly Point is going to eliminate the Toxins from Your Colon!

Everybody has found themselves in a situation when they have been straining and sitting on the toilet, not being able to complete a bowel movement. However, the majority of people are not aware that by pressing a simple point on your belly you can complete a bowel movement.

Nevertheless, prior to doing this you need to make sure that there is a toilet nearby, for obvious reasons. Firstly, you need to measure three fingers below your belly button. Use the three fingers and press on the poop button till you feel the urge. Don’t forget to take deep breaths. Keep in mind that it can last from 10 seconds at least, and 3 minutes at the maximum.

It Works in This Way

An acupressure therapist, Dr. Michael Reed Gach says that the healing processes of the body are revived with this button. Moreover, waste elimination is a substantial part of the healing process.

Furthermore, according to previous research, abdominal massaging contributes to a body drive, thus promoting bowel movement and bowel emptying.

Dr. Gach adds that apart from promoting bowel movements, this button also relieves menstrual cramps, rectal pains, gas and digestive issues.

Additional Tips
  • Squat

Toilets in North America have a big design flow, and all require a sitting position. However, the body is placed wrong when in this position. It is vital that you know that the body needs to be in a squat position for completing bowel movements.

  • Increase Fiber Consumption

In case you suffer from persistent constipation you need to increase the consumption of fiber. Some of the richest fiber sources are beans, berries, flax seeds and prunes. Fiber retains water, thus making the stool softer.

  • Relax

Don’t push hard when sitting on the toilet. Instead, you need to relax yourself. Pushing hard is going to stress your body, and in certain cases it can cause fatal heart arrhythmia or bowel bursting.

  • Remain Active

It is recommended that adults perform 75 minutes of aerobic on a weekly basis, since doing exercise stimulates the intestinal muscles contraction, and it is vital for completing bowel movements.