These Ancient Chinese Herbs Can Restore The Balance Of Your Hormones

In order to resolve any kind of health problem, you need to make certain lifestyle and diet changes. Treating minor problems with pills may help in some cases, but treating serious problems such as hormonal imbalance with medications won’t resolve the problem, and may even create further troubles.

Hormonal imbalance is a serious health issue that may cause headaches, migraines, PMS, digestive problems and irregular and heavy periods. The balance of your hormones can be restored with simple diet and lifestyle changes, but there are many herbs and plants which can also help. Here are 10 ancient Chinese herbs which can restore your hormonal balance and resolve the symptoms:

Dang gui

This powerful herb can resolve Yin deficiency problems and contains a lot of phytoestrogens that can bring back the balance of your hormones and eliminate any problems related to it. Dang gui can be consumed in the form of tea.


This fruit has been pretty effective in studies against fatigue, anxiety and insomnia due to its ability to restore the balance of your hormones. In China, the fruit is often eaten as a dessert after meals.

Goji berries

Goji berries contain a variety of antioxidants which can promote hormonal balance. Take a handful of them every day and drink Goji berry tea as well to treat hormonal balance and the problems that stem from it.

American ginseng

Most people are aware of the powers Chinese ginseng possesses, but American ginseng is just as beneficial. The herb can balance your yin and yang energy and regulate your libido, while also treating a variety of health problems that are associated with hormonal imbalance.

Astralagus root

The Astralagus root is often used as a remedy against insomnia and can boost the production of yang energy. It will also reinforce your immune system, boost your energy and restore your hormonal balance.

Chinese wild yam

The Chinese wild yam can restore your Qi energy and improve the function of your kidneys. It will boost the production of certain hormones and control the production of others, effectively restoring hormonal balance.

White peony root

This root will resolve any kind of liver problem and can be either consumed as tea or added to soups and stews.

Lotus seed

Lotus seeds will restore your hormonal balance, boost your reproductive system function, improve your blood chart and treat insomnia as well.

Chinese red dates

These dates can be found at a Chinese market – they will resolve hormonal imbalance and boost your Qi energy.

Black sesame seeds

Black sesame seeds are even more beneficial than the white ones and are often used as a remedy against digestive problems. You can add them on sautéed veggies or mix them with your cereal for breakfast.