Here’s How Coconut Oil Improves Your Health And Appearance

The everyday cosmetics we use are full of harmful chemicals and toxins and that’s a well-known fact. Many of these products contain carcinogens and endocrine disruptors that can put your health in grave danger. In order to avoid any problems, you should always stick to healthier alternatives such as toxin-free cosmetics which won’t damage your skin and health. There’s an even better option – coconut oil.

Coconut oil is a powerful natural skin moisturizer that has antibacterial properties and will slow down the aging process. The oil is perfect for your hair as well, and has numerous other uses. Here’s how to use coconut oil to improve your appearance:

A great hair conditioner

Use coconut oil as a hair mask to repair any damage to the ends and keep it silky smooth.

A natural deodorant

Mix some coconut oil with shea butter and tea tree oil to get a toxin-free natural deodorant.

A natural toothpaste

Coconut oil has antibacterial properties and is a perfect toothpaste alternative.

Hair serum

Mix coconut oil with vitamin E oil, and you’ll get a powerful hair serum.

Oil pulling

Oil pulling with coconut oil is an ancient technique that will destroy bacteria in your mouth and make your teeth pearly white again.

A great facial wash

Mix some coconut oil with charcoal and clay to create a powerful facial wash which will deep clean your skin and make it glow.

A natural sunscreen

Apply coconut oil instead of sunscreen when you go to the beach to keep it protected from the harmful effects of the sun.

Lotion bar

Mix coconut oil with beeswax and a few drops of your favorite essential oil for a perfect natural lotion bar for your skin.

Eliminates stretch marks

Rubbing coconut oil on your stretch marks will eliminate them with no side-effects at all.

A great therapeutic massage oil

Mix ¼ cup of coconut oil with 30 drops of your favorite essential oils to create a powerful massaging mixture that will relax your muscles.

Shaving cream alternative

If you need to shave immediately, but you’ve run out of gel, coconut oil is a perfect alternative. It will hydrate your skin and reduce razor burns while also leaving a fresh scent behind.

A natural body scrub

Mix coconut oil with a bit of brown sugar and some essential oil, then use the mixture as a scrub on your skin.

Keeps your skin hydrated

Rubbing coconut oil on your skin in the winter will keep it safe from the harsh weather conditions.

Tanning agent

Use coconut oil when sunbathing to get a nice chocolate tan without harming your skin.

Makeup remover

Use coconut oil to remove your makeup instead of the commercial make up cleaners to keep your skin clean and healthy.

Treats varicose veins

Rub coconut oil on your varicose veins to remove them naturally and in just a short time.

Cellulite cream

Rubbing coconut oil on your cellulite will eliminate it easily and hydrate your skin from within.

A great lip balm

Instead of paying big money for commercial lip balms, use coconut oil to keep your skin protected from harsh weather conditions.

Acne cream

Mix some coconut oil with some honey and Aloe Vera gel and use the mixture on the affected areas on your face to remove the acne.

Nail cream

Rubbing coconut oil on your cuticles and nails will keep them hydrated and make them stronger.

Treats cracked heels

Mix coconut oil and magnesium flakes with a few drops of your favorite essential oil to get a fine cream which you can use to treat cracked heels.

A powerful night cream

Coconut oil is the perfect night cream – it is rich in antioxidants which will reduce the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines around your eyes.

A natural shampoo

Washing your hair with coconut oil will improve the health of your hair and keep it smooth and shiny.