A Simple Drink That Will Boost Your Eyesight And Detox Your Liver

In this fast-paced society we live in the exposure to stress and toxins is rapidly increasing while people have less and less time to eat smart and lead a healthier lifestyle. As time goes by and nothing changes, we start to experience all kinds of health problems, from something small like an infection to something more life-jeopardizing like diabetes, heart issues and even cancer.

The CDC reports that people can lower their risk of diseases if only they were to change certain unhealthy habits in life. What can we change? Well, we can limit our intake of alcohol and tobacco, start eating healthier foods, eliminate processed, junk food and get more physically active. There’s no one but you to benefit from these life changing decisions and your health will be significantly improved.

Aside from moving more, eating better and paying more attention to what your body needs and desires you can also try some natural remedies to speed up the healing process. There are a number of alternative recipes that take advantage of the natural properties of certain herbs, fruits and veggies to help you recover from all kinds of diseases, depending on what you suffer from. In today’s article, we’ll focus on a simple remedy that will cleanse your liver like nothing you’ve ever tried before and improve your sight as well.

The main ingredients and its benefits

For this remedy you’ll need 3 simple ingredients, oranges, carrots and beets, a powerful mixture that will promote your overall health.

Why are these 3 ingredients so health beneficial?

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Beets – These boldly colored veggies abound in nutrients and antioxidants which stimulate the natural detox process in your organism. They contain an ingredient called betaine which aids your liver in capturing the toxins in your organism and fiber that flushes these toxins out of your body, never to return again. They also contain pigments called betalains with potent anti-inflammatory properties which also aid the whole detox process.

Aside from detoxing the liver, beets are good for your blood flow, boost your energy levels, control the blood pressure and improve your brain function.

Carrots – Your mother has probably always been telling you that carrots are good for your eyes but she probably didn’t bother to say why. Well, because they’re loaded with vitamin A which is crucial for good eyesight.

Oranges – And finally we have our oranges, rich in vitamin C and potent antioxidants which help your liver perform its function, flush out the toxins from your body. In addition, they also protect your cardiovascular system from diseases.

Detox remedy

You’ll need

  • 1 beet
  • 2 carrots
  • 4 oranges

Make sure all your ingredients are organic.

How to prepare and consume the remedy:

Just toss everything in a juicer and your remedy is ready. Prepare the drink in the morning and drink it on an empty stomach before breakfast.  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nWYpgV786wk

Source: health-and-love-page.com