Eliminate Warts, Moles, Skin Tags, Age Spots and Blackheads in a Completely Natural Way

Almost everybody experiences skin problems. The skin is a highly sensitive organ and clogged pores, skin tags, breakouts and moles are quite often. They are normally caused by lifestyle changes or hormonal imbalance.

The majority of people rely on various products for beauty and skin care to make their skin glowing and perfect.

These products are filled with harmful chemicals. Nevertheless, there are a number of natural ways for taking care of your skin. The final results are amazing, they improve the appearance of your skin and eliminate all skin issues.

Furthermore, read about some amazing remedies for problems with the skin.


Moles can appear in both, children and adults regardless of age, they are close groupings of melanocytes, which are cells of pigmented skin, and appear as a consequence of genetics or sun exposure.


Plain garlic or garlic extract can be very effective when it comes to eliminating moles. Prior to applying it, you need to apply petroleum jelly or masking tape on the surrounding skin so as to protect it. Next, apply the garlic or the garlic extract, bandage the area and leave it work for 4 hours. This needs to be done every day.

Sodium Bicarbonate and Castor Oil

Mixing sodium bicarbonate and this oil provides the same results. What you need to do is make a gummy paste, and then spread it on the affected area. Use a bandage to cover the mole and leave it work overnight. In the morning, you need to take out the bandage and wash the area. Do the procedure every single night.


You need to dip a cotton pad in ACV and place the ball on the mole. Secure it and leave it for 8 hours. It should fall off.


HPV or human papilloma virus causes warts and they are manifested by mucous membranes or tiny bumps on your skin. The usual treatment for them is freezing or salicylic acid.


Massage the wart with the peel every night. Do this for 14 days to eliminate the wart.

Pure Raw Honey

Apply some honey, use a bandage to secure it and leave it overnight. This way has proven to be effective when it comes to removing warts.


Take a cotton pad, soak it in ACV and apply it on the affected area. Leave it act for 1 day or overnight and then apply a new cotton ball. The wart is going to disappear in a slow manner.


Garlic juice or crushed garlic can eliminate a wart in 2 weeks. What you need to do is apply some every night. You need to apply garlic juice twice on a daily basis.

Skin Tags

They are growths on the skin that project from the skin’s surface. They usually appear around the chest, neck, eyelid and underarms. The common treatment for them is freezing, tying off and cutting off.


Take a cotton pad, soak it in ACV and squeeze it so as to remove excess liquid. Place it on the skin and leave it act. It is going to disappear in a couple of days.

Melaleuca Oil

Take a cotton ball, soak it in water and drop a few droplets of melaleuca oil on it. Apply the cotton ball on your skin tag and secure it with a bandage. Do this procedure 2 to 3 times on a daily basis for 1 month.

Castor Oil and Sodium Bicarbonate

A mixture of these two is effective against skin tags. What you need to do is make a paste, then spread it on the tag, and use a bandage to fasten it. You can store the paste in the refrigerator for 4 days. Do this procedure 2 to 3 times on a daily basis.

Dark Spots

Dark or age spots are discolored patches of skin on the hands, face and forearms. It is considered that they are a consequence of too much exposure to sun or an aging liver.


Take a cotton pad, soak it in the juice and place the pad on the skin two times every day.

Aloe Vera

Spread some fresh aloe vera on the affected area and leave it there for 30 minutes.


Take one onion and blend or juice it and place it on the affected area. It needs to act for 10 to 15 minutes and wash it off. This procedure needs to be repeated till the dark spots are eliminated.


Make a mixture of vinegar and horseradish and apply it on the dark spot on a daily basis. It is going to slowly disappear.

Vitamin C Serums

These serums are wonderful for the skin. Namely, because of their content of vitamin C they eliminate the dark spots fast and also repair damaged skin.

Clogged Pores

These are usually caused by oil accumulation, and the skin looks bumpy. They need to be eliminated since they make the skin look bad.

Sugar Scrub

Make a mixture of sugar and lemon and prepare a paste. Take an organic washcloth and rub the paste on the area. Once you are finished scrubbing, use warm water to wash your face.


What you need to do first is wash your face, and place it over a container filled with water that has previously reached boiling point. Use a towel to cover your head and remain in that position for 10 to 15 minutes. Then, wash your face.

Source:  myhomemedicine.com