This Is How Himalayan Salt Improves Your Overall Health!

Have you ever wondered why you breathe and feel generally better when you go to the sea? It’s all because of the salt in the seawater which offers numerous health benefits. A few centuries ago, scientists discovered that the reason why Polish salt miners are healthier than the rest of the population is because of their exposure to salt. These men were rarely sick, and even when they were down with the flu, they recovered much faster. Salt can significantly improve your immune system and boost your overall health as well.

The ancient Ayurveda medicine relied on one type of salt which provides even more health benefits than regular sea salt. The Himalayan pink salt contains over 80 minerals as well as various enzymes and essential nutrients which can work wonders for our health. It’s even easier to get than sea salt – all you have to do is buy a Himalayan salt inhaler.

The Himalayan salt comes from the Himalayan mountains in Pakistan and consists of magnesium chloride and 84 different trace minerals including calcium and potassium. The salt can help your muscles relax, maintain your blood pressure, prevent dehydration and boost the electrical impulses in your body. The salt can be used as an exfoliator, as a lamp, body scrub and for cooking as well. Here are its main health benefits:

Boosts your immune system

Inhaling the Himalayan sea salt can prevent bacterial overgrowth in your airways and prevent damage. It can also kill fungi and other microorganisms by boosting the function of white blood cells in your body. Furthermore, the Himalayan salt can boost your immune system and relax your mind.

Reduces inflammation

According to studies, the Himalayan salt can reduce the edema in the bronchial mucosa and relieve inflammation effectively. This will result in better breathing and reduce the risk of chronical inflammation in your airways. It can also treat allergies, lung damage due to air pollution and second-hand smoke.

Reduces the mucus accumulation in your lungs

This unique type of salt contains microscopic salt molecules full of negatively charged ions that can thin out mucus and prevent further respiratory problems. The ions can bond with contaminants in your lungs and eliminate them from the body easily.

Cleans your lungs and the air in your home

If you’re living in a city, there’s a great chance that the air in it is full or irritants and chemical pollutants that can significantly damage your lungs. This will also result in bigger susceptibility to asthma, pneumonia and other respiratory disorders, but you can neutralize it all by getting a Himalayan salt inhaler and putting up a few air-cleaning plants in your home.

Improves your sleep and treats insomnia

Getting some rest overnight is virtually impossible if you’re suffering from asthma or bronchitis. The coughing and shallow breathing can make it hard to fall asleep, but luckily, inhaling some Himalayan salt can help. The salt will soothe your airways and help you relax, getting you the sleep you need so much.

Clears your mind

A Himalayan salt inhaler can improve your oxygen intake and promote better clarity and focus. Add 5-10 drops of peppermint oil in the inhaler and breathe in the salt or take a Himalayan salt bath to clear your mind and relax. The bath will also promote skin regeneration and treat disorders such as eczema and atopic dermatitis.

Himalayan salt inhalers are easy to find and usually come with a pack of the salt. To use it, rinse the inhaler with warm water first, then let it dry. Now, put a few larger pieces of Himalayan salt in it, then put the mouthpiece in your mouth and start breathing it in. inhale from the mouth and exhale through your nose for 15-20 minutes every day. In the end, take the salt out and rinse the inhaler with water well. Keep it in a dry and clean place.

Regular use of the Himalayan salt inhaler will clean your lungs of pollutants and irritants and help you breathe normally again.