Scotland’s Oldest Woman Says That Avoiding Men Is The Secret To A Long Life

Jessie Gallan is the oldest Scottish woman and one of the oldest women in the world. Just before her death, she had 109 years, and she recently revealed the secret to longevity, which many people found interesting. According to Jessie, the secret is to eat porridge every morning and stay away from men. Jessie said that men are “more trouble than worth”, which is why she stayed single her whole life.

Since her teenage years, Jessie worked hard and left home at 13. She worked every day and never married, and shared her experience with The Daily Mail just before her unexpected death. Jessie Gallan never took days off and always worked hard. The Daily Mail reporters were amazed by her positivity and said that she’s amazing. Unfortunately, shortly after the interview, Jessie passed away. Here’s the video which shows Jessie Gallan talking about her life before turning 100: