Here’s How The Pain You’re Feeling Is Connected To Your Emotional State

  1. Head pain

Headaches are usually linked to stress and are a result of a stressful day or period in your life. You need to lay back a bit and relax, try to enjoy the little things in life and don’t worry so much.

  1. Neck pain

Neck pain is usually a symptom of your inability to forgive yourself and others around you. If this is an issue that’s bothering you often, think about the good things in people and yourself, don’t focus on the bad ones.

  1. Shoulder pain

This type of pain can be a sign of a heavy emotional load you’re taken upon yourself. Once again, try to relax and focus on a problem you can solve, find a solution for something that’s bothering you, it will make you feel better. Also, try to share some of your problems with your closest friends and family, they could help you resolve them.

  1. Upper back pain

Pain in this area signifies a lack of emotional support. It may be that you lack love and feel like nobody is there for you. If you don’t have a partner in life maybe it’s time you start dating and find someone new.

  1. Lower back pain

This could be connected to money trouble or financial worries. Instead of just worrying about it, try to ask for a raise or work towards a promotion.

  1. Elbow pain

This type of pain usually indicates that you’re not fully embracing change and you try to hold on to things that have passed. Stiff arms relate to stiff life so it wouldn’t be so bad if you started doing something new and adventurous.

  1. Hand pain

If you feel pain in your hands you’re probably a bit shy and reserved and making new friends is not something that comes naturally to you. Make an effort and connect to people, be it a co-worker, a neighbor or the guy next to you in the coffee shop.

  1. Hip pain

This type of pain means that you aren’t so keen on moving on in your life and making a change. It also means that you’re indecisive and reluctant to anything new in life.

  1. Knee pain

Knee pain means that you have a high opinion of yourself and a bit of an ego. Try to get down on the ground and do something good for other people instead of spending your time in the clouds.