Class Action Lawsuit Against Purina For Allegedly Causing Death In 4000 Dogs

Pets are family, anyone who’s ever owned a pet knows this and there’s no debate on this topic. We treat them like our children, we care deeply about their well-being and try to do everything we can to make them happy and comfortable. But what about the food they eat? Do we pay as much attention to this? We know that dog food is the best for dogs and cat food the best option for cats. It’s supposed to be full of nutritive ingredients, specially suited for our pets’ needs. But in reality, dog food is mostly made up of wheat gluten, corn by-products and meat by-products and even the highest quality dog food like Nestle’s Purina is loaded with these ingredients. Actually, as we speak, Nestle and its Purina Beneful dog food brand is facing a class action lawsuit after claims have been made that their dog food caused serious health problems and in some cases even death in more than 3000 dogs. A number of pet owners have complained that Purina Beneful caused serious internal damages in their dogs and the number is growing by the hour. Perhaps we should forgo of this so called food and start feeding our dogs ‘real’ food, real meat and not that by-product that’s apparently causing health complications.

What’s happening with conventional dog food?

We’re all eagerly waiting to see the ruling on the lawsuit against Purina’s Beneful but the odds aren’t in their favor it would seem. A number of dog owners have come forward saying that their beloved pets started experiencing seizures, liver problems, internal bleeding and incontinence and many others are complaining of similar issues. According to experts two possible ingredients could be responsible for these consequences. One of them is propylene glycol, an ingredient commonly used in antifreeze but still the FDA found it to be safe for use in dog food and some human food products as well, like cake mixes and salad dressings. Because of this toxic ingredient a number of products have been banned from Europe and your dog is ingesting it? How can that be safe for consumption? Maybe it’s not as harmful as the ethylene glycol used in antifreeze but it’s still a toxic chemical not suited for ingesting!

The second possible cause for these health complications are the mycotoxins which occur when grains aren’t properly stored. Having in mind that a great number of pet owners complained of liver malfunctions it’s only logical to assume that toxins are at fault. Grains are a big percentage of dog food of all brands and types but their origin is so diverse that there’s no use of testing for toxic ingredients, it would be ineffective and inconclusive. The regulations for dog food are inefficient and the companies more often than not meet the bare minimum which allows them to place their product on the market but still allows a wide margin of error. It’s more than possible, I would say it’s highly likely, that Purina’s Beneful and many other dog food brands do contain mycotoxins but there’ no way we can prove this for sure. Some customers even reported that their dog food contained maggots, can you believe it? The symptoms dog owners are reporting in many of the cases are consistent with mycotoxin poisoning so it’s very likely that this is the main cause.

Are we supposed to start making the dog food ourselves? Is this the answer?

Let’s compare dog food with human food, so if we make this parallel it would seem that dog food, the conventional one we buy, is similar to fast food for humans. Would you eat fast food all the time and what consequences would that have on your health? It sounds like we’ll need to invest a lot of time and effort into preparing our dog’s food ourselves but is it too much? If we read these desperate dog owners’ stories and how much their pets suffered nothing seems too much I would say.

Buy conventional food for your dog from time to time but make sure you check the ingredients that go in it and avoid animal by-products, grains preservatives and sugar. Cook your dog’s food at home and that way you’ll know for sure what goes into their bellies. Make a well-balanced diet for them just as you do for yourself and your dog should have a long and prosperous life.