Shocking! The Most Popular Tea Brands Are Full Of Chemicals And Pesticides!

Tea is the second-most popular hot beverage in the world after coffee. It is a healthy source of caffeine and generally safe for consumption by anyone including children, but if a recent study is to be believed, some of the most popular tea brands are full of pesticides and other harmful chemicals. According to a research, most popular tea brands have a high level of chemicals which makes the tea unfit for human consumption.

Before being distributed in the small bags, most teas aren’t washed. If the herbs and plants have been treated with pesticides and chemicals, they will end up in your cup of tea and eventually your body. The research showed that many “organic” tea brands are actually full of harmful chemicals, and the “natural flavors” they contain are nothing more than carcinogens and highly dangerous pesticides.

The study conducted in the UK showed that the increasing cases of fluoride overexposure in Britain are due to the consumption of tea. The British drink a few cups of tea every day, which is responsible for the high level of fluoride in their system as the study showed. Fluoride is a chemical added to our water supply that has been related to a variety of serious health problems. According to studies, the chemical is responsible for various kidney disorders and teeth and bone problems as well.

If you’re wondering where does it come from, the tea absorbs fluoride through the soil. Cheap tea brands are made from older tea leaves which have the highest level of fluoride that eventually ends up in your cup. These teas have a lesser nutritional profile than high-quality tea, and are not so safe for consumption.

The brands with the highest amount of pesticides and chemicals were Lipton, Signal, King Cole, No Name, Twinings, Tetley and Uncle Lee’s Legends of China. The study showed that half of the most popular tea brands contain a level of toxins that exceed the legal limit of by far, with Uncle Lee’s, No Name and King Cole being the worst offenders. Other tea brands aren’t really safe as well, although the amount of fluoride and other chemicals found in them was lower.

If you want to avoid the toxic chemicals in tea and protect your health, we recommend making your own herbal teas at home. Simply buy the herbs you like and prepare the tea on your own. White tea is a good choice as it’s made from younger leaves that were exposed to a lesser amount of fluoride. Certified organic teas work great as well, but make sure to check the label for any additives and GMO ingredients. You should also make sure you’re brewing the tea correctly – white teas should be steeped for 2-3 minutes, while black tea needs 3-5 minutes. Oolong tea requires 4-7 minutes of steeping, while herbal teas should be steeped for 5 minutes and not a second more.

According to the research, the safest tea brands are Red Rose, Organic Tazo, Two Leaves, EDEN Organic, Rishi and Numi tea. Here’s a video which details how the pesticides in tea are affecting our health: