Use Tea Tree Oil in this Way and Eliminate Toxic Bacteria, Ants and Germs from your Home!

According to experts there are 5 to 10 pounds of chemicals at the minimum in every household. If this is true, finding cleansers that will actually clean the home is of utmost importance. One way of doing this is with Tea Tree oil.

Tea Tree oil is an amazing essential oil, which is free of chemicals. It is extracted from the Melaleuca alternifolia tree in Australia. The Aboriginal people used it for eliminating bacteria, for soothing aching muscles and much more.

This oil has antifungal, antiviral, antibiotic and antiseptic properties. In this article, read about 5 unmedicinal uses of this oil. It is important to know that is should not be consumed.

Use Tea Tree Oil Like This
  1. Disinfectant

This oil has antiseptic properties and you can add it to your vaporizer in order to sterilize the air following an illness in your family. Also, you can add from 6 to 8 drops to your laundry when doing the washing after an illness.

  1. Cleaner

You can prepare an all-purpose cleaner. All you need to do is mix one tablespoon of borax, 2 tablespoons of vinegar and three to four droplets of Tea Tree oil. Pour the mixture into a spray bottle filled warm water. Next, shake it well and use it as a cleaner.

  1. Disinfect the Dishes

Add few drops of this oil to the soap dispenser before you add the soap and it is going to disinfect the dishes and also clean them.

  1. Eliminates Germs from Your Clothes

What you need to do is add a couple of drops of this oil to every laundry load. Apart from disinfecting them, it is going to improve their smell and clean them.

  1. Ants Repellent

If there are ants in your home you need to follow the back to its start. Drop a couple drops of this oil on the place where they are entering your home, and the oil is going to deter them from entering. Moreover, wiping your cupboards with a solution of water and this oil is going to deter roaches.