Incredible: Scientists Have Found A Way To Regrow Teeth!

Dental implants are the most common replacement for lost teeth and have been so for a long time. However, besides the highly invasive procedure most people are rightfully afraid of, they are also expensive and dangerous for your health as some of them contain mercury or silver. This is why many people avoid them and simply choose not to replace their lost teeth. However, the future for dentistry is certainly bright – according to a new research, our body has the ability to regrow teeth, and it can be done completely naturally and with no side-effects.

A scientific team from Columbia University led by Dr. Jeremy Mao has been able to regrow teeth completely using nothing but stem cells. As Dr. Mao explains, the stem cells start regrowing the missing teeth which eventually merge with the surrounding soft tissue. This can boost the regeneration process of your teeth cells and regrow your teeth in just a short time. This groundbreaking discovery could spell the end of dental implants in the near future, and is certainly a welcome change for dentistry.

Dental implants have never been the best replacement option – they are associated with liver, kidney and heart disease, and are usually being done without biocompatibility testing, so they aren’t always safe for our health. Sometimes, the implants are placed on inflamed sites which can lead to autoimmune diseases. Furthermore, if you have 2 or more implants, they may cause galvanism, a condition which occurs due to two dissimilar metals in the mouth. These metals might act as a battery that can generate electricity in your mouth which can be quite dangerous. The body relies on electric signals to function, but once we introduce a new signal, it can interfere with numerous processes and result in certain biological imbalances that can cause quite a lot of damage to the body.

Although more research is definitely needed, Dr. Mao is sure that the discovery will change the future of dentistry. At the moment, dentists are certainly limited to dental implants, but this could all change soon. The process of regrowing your own teeth lasts for 9 weeks, which is longer than getting an implant, but the process is far safer and easier for your body to endure.

According to Dr. Mao, the discovery should be made public soon, and the team hopes that it will be welcomed by the scientific community and the dental industry as well. Until then, if you’re horrified by dental implants, we suggest visiting a biological dentist who can recommend other options.